Silmarillion Book Club (Week Six)

This week, we witness some pretty exciting changes to Middle-earth including the creation of the Sun and Moon and the awakening of Men! We also see the Valar drawing back from the Children of Iluvatar and leaving them mostly to take care of themselves. Lúthien is also born, and we hear a few familiar names (Eärendiland Elrond!) at the very end of the last chapter. 

Silmarillion Book Club (Week Five)

This week is a huge week for the Noldor. We begin in chapter seven with the making of the Silmarils and Melkor being released from his prison. Almost immediately, Melkor is scheming to get revenge and obtain the Silmarils. He stirs up dissention between the Noldor, pitting them against he Valar, eventually leading Fëanor to rebel against his own family. Melkor gets a little too eager and Fëanor realizes he's scheming to get the Silmarils, so he runs off and hides for a while…

Silmarillion Book Club (Week Three)

This week, we began The Quenta Silmarillion, or The Silmarillion proper. This is where we finally get into the actual story, you might say. This week, we experience the beginning of the war between the Valar and Melkor, the creation of the Dwarves and Ents, and the awakening of the Elves! It's a very busy couple of chapters so you might want to take notes. 

Valaquenta (Silmarillion Book Club Week Two)

Valaquenta begins with a short summary of Ainulindalë. It then goes on to introduce the Lords and the Queens of the Valar, giving a bit of background information on each of them and explaining how they relate to one another. Next, we are introduced to the Maiair, spirits similar to the Valar but of a less degree. The last section is titled 'Of the Enemies' and explains a bit more about the cruelty of Melkor as well as introducing his servant Sauron.