Shelob's Web (Hobbit Party Games)

Shelobs Web.jpg

Of all the Hobbit Party games we've played, I was most excited about this one! We have a little clearing of trees in our backyard and I had the idea to set up a giant spider web for the kids to cut through with their own (foam) swords! 

Shelob's Spider Web

You'll need:

  • Either a bit room, a hallway, or an outdoor area with several trees
  • Lots of white crepe paper
  • Foam Swords
  • Glow Sticks ("The Light of Earendil")
  • Fake Spiders (optional, my little ones are terrified of spiders so that would definitely not be fun for them)

Tie or tape up the white crepe paper everywhere around the room, the more the better. Have each child take a foam sword and go into the web one at a time.