Mount Doom Bean Bags & Ring Toss (Hobbit Party Games)


Two party games that our little hobbits loved last year were the Mount Doom Bean Bags & The "One Ring" Ring Toss. They were both very simple to make and were fun for little ones of all ages (especially toddlers and preschoolers)! 

Mount Doom Bean Bag Toss

*Note, if you have a cornhole set at home, you could also easily modify the boards to look more like Mount Doom! I don't have one though, so I improvised and it worked just fine. 

You'll need:

  • A Brown or Black Container (plastic tub, cardboard box, etc.)
  • One large piece of cardboard/foam board
  • Brown and/or Black Paint
  • Optional: if you want to get fancy, grab some orange and red paint for the fires of Mount Doom
  • Gold Bean Bags (like these, or you can make your own with this tutorial)
  • Tape

Cut your cardboard/foam board into the shape of a mountain and then paint it as such. Tape it to the back side of the bin/tub/box.

"The One Ring" Ring Toss

You'll need:

Setting this game up is super simple. Spray the thread rack brown, leave it to dry, and be sure to make up a sign so the children know what to do. To play, have the kids take turns tossing the Rings at the rack. It's an easy and fun game for toddlers & preschoolers especially.