One of my favorite parts about Tea with Tolkien is our online book club! Each one is about 12 weeks long and we read through various books throughout the year. I'll update this page as often as I can with what we're reading & planning to read and when!

June - August 2018: The Silmarillion

  • Read through our book club blog posts here!
  • Join our free facebook discussion group here!

Mid September - October 2018: The Letters of Tolkien

  • We'll be doing a mini book club, reading through a few of Tolkien's letters (as compiled in this book!)
  • September 17: Letters 43-45
  • September 24: Letter 96
  • October 1: Letter 131
  • October 8: Letter 142
  • October 15: Letter 163
  • October 22: Letters 211-212
  • October 29: Letter 213


How the book clubs work:

  • You can participate by joining our Facebook groups for the discussion, or simply by reading along on your own and checking the blog each week for discussion questions. 
  • We begin a new week of chapters every Monday during the book club, so I'll publish the blog post that morning and then the discussion begins in our Facebook group, etc.
  • The conversation continues throughout the week so you can jump in whenever you're available! 
  • Everything is totally free! 

If you have any suggestions for what you'd like us to read together, or any ideas for how we can improve our book club, please fill out the form below.

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