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Riddles in the Dark (Hobbit Party Game)

Riddles in the Dark (Hobbit Party Game)


Riddles in the Dark


  • Paper Mache Box (from any craft store or online here)
  • Grey & Metallic Gold craft paint 
  • Clear acrylic sealer (I used spray paint)
  • Riddles! I made a free PDF printable with the riddles from The Hobbit here


  • I painted my book grey and just added a simple "Riddles in the Dark" with metallic gold paint. Cover the book with a clear coat after the paint has dried.
  • Print out or write out your riddles. I have a free PDF you can download here  which includes the riddles from The Hobbit here, or you can write your own. :)
  • Cut the riddles into strips or notecards, fold them up, and place inside the book box!

How to Play:

  • The person with the birthday closest to September 22nd goes first!
  • The first player takes a riddle from the box and reads it aloud. 
  • The first person to answer correctly gets to keep the riddle and gets the box.
  • Repeat until all of the riddles are gone.
  • Whoever has answered the most riddles at the end wins!
  • Optional: if someone answers a riddle incorrectly, they are eaten by Gollum.
  • Also Optional: The winner gets a Gold Ring!
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