The Best Planners for 2018-2019 (Tea with Tolkien Edition)

The Best Planners for 2018-2019 (Tea with Tolkien Edition)

I know so many of you are looking into purchasing a planner for the upcoming academic year, so I thought I'd share a bit about some of the planners I tested out for you! Here's a list of the planners that I'm comparing: The Blessed is She Planner (Big & Mini), The Recollections Brand from Michaels, The Living Well Planner, and the Day Designer (Mini).  

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The Tea with Tolkien Father's Day Gift Guide


Father's Day is quickly approaching (June 17th this year), so I wanted to share some unique gift ideas for the dads in your life (and don't forget your spiritual fathers!). You can click on the photos for links! :)

Here are ten of my favorite ideas: 

A Long (Gandalf-Style) Pipe

Every dad needs a long pipe of their own, you know, for sitting beside the fire as they ponder philosophy. I bought this one for my husband a few years ago and he's loved it (great quality and good price). 

I recently discovered Guadalupe Roastery, and after learning about their mission, I had to try it. And folks, it. is. so. good. Learn more about them here

We love these rosaries! After being so tired of the fragile & flimsy Rosaries we'd been able to find, we tried these ones out and they're great. Super good quality and a neat idea for guys. 

 What do you get the guy who has everything? A sword, obviously. This replica of Sting (Bilbo's sword) is an excellent idea at a reasonable price. 

Pick up a stoneware coffee mug, a short sleeve tee, or beard oil from the Catholic Gentleman shop! Be a man. Be a saint. 

Classics from the
Word on Fire Shop

I love these beautiful editions of Catholic classics, as well as nearly everything else from the Word on Fire shop. 


 I got my husband the Pints with Aquinas beer stein for his birthday and it's absolutely the coolest thing we own. The quality is truly amazing; it's the kind of mug that will last a lifetime, and ordering one is such a great way to support this ministry. And while you're at it, why not sign up to support Pints with Aquinas on Patreon? ;) 

This short book makes a great gift for any Tolkien fan who has wanted to get into The Silmarillion but couldn't. I wrote a full review of it here. 

We love their Chrism Beard Balm, but all of their scents are great. They also make beard oil lotion bars, lip balm, and even mustache wax! 

Lords of the Valar Tee

Show the world just how much you love Tolkien with this Lords of the Valar tee from the Tea with Tolkien shop (Queens of the Valar tees are also available here!). 

Book Review: The Messiah Comes to Middle-Earth by Philip Ryken

Book Review: The Messiah Comes to Middle-Earth by Philip Ryken

In The Messiah Comes to Middle-Earth, Philip Ryken reflects on the three-fold offices of Christ as Priest, Prophet, and King as they are echoed in the characters of Gandalf, Frodo (and Sam), and Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. The book is comprised of three lectures given by Ryken, as well as a response to each lecture.

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Look to Him and Be Radiant

Katie's blog, Look to Him and Be Radiant, has been a source of inspiration and encouragement in the past few years as we've begun learning about and experiencing the richness of our Catholic faith.  I've found so many ideas for projects and ways to incorporate our faith into our home and family life through both her blog and Instagram feed! 

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Growing in Hobbit-ness & Holiness with Our LOTR Companion Journals

Last April, as our book club was reading The Fellowship of the Ring and preparing to begin The Two Towers, I began writing a companion journal to accompany and enrich our discussion as we journeyed through Tolkien's world together. Since then, we've released a journal for The Two Towers as well as one for The Return of the King, and today we're finally launching the Pre-Sale of our Fellowship of the Ring Journal! (How awkward to have done things out of order, but now we're all good!)  

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Say Hello to the First Catholic Journaling Bible ( + a Giveaway!)

This post contains affiliate links. 

I've held this Bible in my hands for only three days now, but I'm already beginning to see my heart changing because of it. Its lined pages offer an invitation to dive deeper into God's word, to meditate on Scripture as I strive to create something beautiful for Him by writing out his love letter to me. 

Its beautifully lettered quotes throughout draw my attention as I flip through, illuminating verses I hadn't even known I was missing. The attention to detail, the importance placed on quality, and all of the heart that was so plainly put into the creation of this Bible is so evident. I can't help but stand in awe of it, a feeling I find so fitting as I hold in my hands The Word of God. 

 here's how the back side of the page looks afterwards  

here's how the back side of the page looks afterwards  

So far, I've used a mechanical pencil and these Sharpie pens, which didn't bleed onto the page beneath and are one of my favorites to write with anyway. I also tucked a sheet of paper in between the pages I was writing on, just to be safe. The pages are a little thin but they feel similar to the ESV Journaling Bible I used to use. 

I am so excited to introduce you to this, the first Catholic Journaling Bible by Blessed is She + Our Sunday Visitor, and I want to share it with you. I'm giving away one copy to one of you, and I can't wait to see how God will use it in your life. You can enter using the Gleam widget below. 

Tea with Tolkien Christmas Gift Guide: Etsy Edition

appy golden 28.png

Now that we're settling into November, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Tolkienian finds on Etsy! I know it's early for many of you to be thinking about Christmas shopping, but due to the handmade nature of Etsy it's always best to place your orders early in the season since some of these items are made-to-order. I hope you'll be inspired & hopefully find a few new favorite small shops! 

Top: Lord of the Rings Blanket by Sweet SequelsElvish Copper Leaf Necklace by Shire Post Mint / Gandalf Quote by Daffodils & Ink / Aragorn + Arwen Mug Set by Goldberry's Hall 

Bottom: Watercolor Middle-Earth Map by Studio Senn / Rivendell Travel Print by Dream Machine Prints / Albion Tea Company "Lothlorien Chai" Blend  / Longbottom Leaf Candle by NerdWicksTrees of Valinor Necklace by JessyHerc /  "The Shire" Throw Pillow by Sweet Sequels 

Bonus ideas: 

Browse the Tea with Tolkien Shop 

A Look Inside Our Two Towers Companion Journal

A Look Inside Our Two Towers Companion Journal

Each chapter includes a reflection on a theme, quality, or quote from the book. I’ve included space for lettering favorite quotes or doodling, as well as lined area for note-taking and discussion. My hope is to foster a love for beauty and truth as it is present in Tolkien’s world, to draw you closer to Christ through its meaning and philosophy, and to inspire you to action through journaling prompts.

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