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Ainulindalë (Silmarillion Book Club, Week One)

This week, as we begin our book club, we've been discussing the first part of The Silmarillion, "Ainulindalë: The Music of the Ainur".  It is in this chapter that we experience the creation of the world through the music of Eru Ilúvatar and the Ainur, the beginning of the unrest of Melkor, the descent of the Valar into the world, and the first battle of the Valar against Melkor. 

Our Silmarillion Read-Along: 2018 Summer Schedule

This summer will be our first ever Tea with Tolkien read-along and book club for Tolkien's The Silmarillion! I'm so thrilled to be joined by over 100 of you in our Facebook group where we'll journey through this beloved text together. Below is the schedule we'll be sticking to as we read this summer. We'll be taking 12 weeks to do our read-along, allowing us to work through it at a good pace and discuss it in depth as we go!

The Two Towers: Helm's Deep & The Road to Isengard (Week 4)

The Riders of Rohan journey to Helm’s Deep in anticipation of battle. On the way, Gandalf urges Théoden to continue on to Helm’s Deep but that he must leave them for a while. As the battle begins, they become surrounded by a vast sea of Orc soldiers and victory seems hopeless. In a desperate last defense, Théoden rides forth into battle. Suddenly, they are greatly relieved to see Gandalf appear on the horizon leading more men to their aid in battle. With Gandalf’s arrival, the battle is quickly won...