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Moments from our Hobbit Party (2016)


     Today was a good one. We just walked our neighbors home and are settling in for the night after a long day of feasting with friends, our fifth annual Facista family Hobbit party! Every year gets better, bigger, busier, and more wonderful. I'm thankful for days like this, celebrating my favorite author and unofficial patron saint, the changing season, and any excuse to throw a huge party and invite all of our friends. 

For second breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper, we ate: garden veggie and sausage quiche, beef and vegetable stew, shepherd's pie, (plus macaroni and cheese + chicken nuggets for the picky preschoolers), fresh fruit, rolls, cheese, and bunny crackers.

For desserts: lemon poppyseed muffins ("seed cake"), honey cornbread ("Beorn's honey cake"), pumpkin and apple muffins, cinnamon rolls, cookies, pumpkin pie, Berries and Cream jello cake, and - my favorite - graham crackers wrapped in green (napkin) leaves as Lembas Bread.

Activities and fun: Mount Doom bean bag toss, "One ring to rule them all" ring toss, and - the kids' favorite - using the Light of Earendil (glow sticks on necklaces) to try to find their way through spider webs (white crepe paper) to find the rings (scattered and hidden like Easter eggs). The kids also enjoyed being insane, jumping on Lily's bed, and generally being insane (oh, did I already say that?). 

Updated to add this year's party stats:

  • One week of setting up, decorating, shopping, and planning

  • 6 batches of muffins baked

  • Eight hours of partying (noon to 8pm)

  • Fourteen mamas + 18 kids + several baby siblings

  • Fifty glow sticks purchased, cracked, and given as favors

  • Thirty rings hidden, found, and scattered around our house

  • One Lord of the Rings film watched (with the older kids)

  • One doll bunk bed karate chopped and broken (though easily fixed)

  • One mystery pacifier left at our house - here's hoping whoever left it has more at home!

  • & lots of happy hobbit memories made

     A happiest birthday to our beloved hobbits, misters Bilbo & Frodo Baggins! 

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Hobbit Party (2013)