Episode 5: Concerning Conversion (Feat. Alex Facista)


This week I had my husband Alex on to discuss our conversion to the Catholic faith. This is a subject I’ve had a lot of you ask about, so I was excited to be able to chat about it with him. This past weekend was the fifth anniversary of our conversion, so I thought it would be a lovely time. I hope you’ll enjoy it! We also talked about Mabel Tolkien, John Ronald’s mother, and her own conversion and the impact it had on her sons.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • the different faith traditions we were brought up in

  • how we first became interested in Catholicism

  • the somewhat unusual way we were finally received into the Church

  • talking to our family about our conversion

  • what it’s been like adjusting to Catholic life

  • and more!


Kaitlyn Facista

Wife to her best friend, mother to three sweet babies, making home in the Midwest. Quite fond of Jesus and His Church, getting emotional about mothering and home, drinking too much coffee, and anything written by Tolkien.