Our Latest Book Club

Join us as we read through The Lord of the Rings this November through May 2019! We wanted our reading of the book to coincide with important liturgical dates in the story itself, particularly Christmas and Easter. By beginning in November and reading through May, we’ll be setting off from Rivendell on Christmas (the date the company actually left) and have reached Mount Doom by Holy Week. It should make for an incredible Lenten journey!

We will also be using our Lord of the Rings companion journal as we read, which is available for purchase here. So that’s pretty exciting, right? A big thank-you to Maddie Maher for helping make this schedule and leading the group discussion with me.

How the book clubs work

  • You can participate by joining our GoodReads group for the discussion. (This group does not meet in person.)

  • We begin a new week of chapters every Monday during the book club and then the conversation continues throughout the week so you can jump in whenever you're available!

  • Everything is totally free! If you’d like to support Tea with Tolkien and get more out of the book club discussion, please consider purchasing a copy of my Lord of the Rings companion journal and devotional here.


  • You can download a printable schedule here!

If you have any suggestions for what you'd like us to read together, or any ideas for how we can improve our book club, please fill out the form below.

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