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Last April, as our book club was reading The Fellowship of the Ring and preparing to begin The Two Towers, I began writing a companion journal to accompany and enrich our discussion as we journeyed through Tolkien's world together. Since then, we've released a journal for The Two Towers as well as one for The Return of the King, and today we're finally launching the Pre-Sale of our Fellowship of the Ring Journal! (How awkward to have done things out of order, but now we're all good!)  

A Look Inside Our Two Towers Companion Journal

Each chapter includes a reflection on a theme, quality, or quote from the book. I’ve included space for lettering favorite quotes or doodling, as well as lined area for note-taking and discussion. My hope is to foster a love for beauty and truth as it is present in Tolkien’s world, to draw you closer to Christ through its meaning and philosophy, and to inspire you to action through journaling prompts.