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Fellowship of the Ring: A Short Cut to Mushrooms (Book I, Ch. IV)

As they continue to scramble through the woods to avoid the Black Rider, the hobbits find themselves walking through the farmland of The Farmer Maggot. Frodo is dreadfully terrified of Farmer Maggot's dogs as he had been caught stealing mushrooms as a child... yet the Farmer Maggot seems much more kind than he remembers and invites the hobbits in for dinner. Inside, he tells them about a strange man who had been asking for Mr. Baggins, but Frodo does not reveal much to him. After dinner, Maggot offers to give the hobbits a ride to the ferry in his wagon. On the road, they encounter a hooded rider and are quite terrified... until he reveals himself to be Merry. 

Fellowship of the Ring: Three is Company (Book I, Ch. III)

After much preparation, Frodo finally says goodbye to Bag End and begins toward his new home in Buckland - and just in the nick of time it would seem! As Frodo, Sam, and Pippin set off on foot through the woods, they are closely pursued by a mysterious Black Rider which fills Frodo with dread and a nearly overwhelming desire to put on the Ring. The hobbits come across a group of Elves, among them is Gildor, who offers Frodo unsettling yet council along with food, drink, and a safe place to rest for the night. 

Fellowship of the Ring: The Shadow of the Past | Book Club Musings

Chapter II, The Shadow of the Past, begins with Hobbiton reeling over the mysterious disappearance of Bilbo, or as they begin to call him, "Mad Baggins". His story becomes a sort of legend, and there is much gossip about Frodo throughout the area. Gandalf suddenly reappears in the Shire for the first time in over nine years and begins to share with Frodo what he’s learned about the Ring...