Valaquenta (Silmarillion Book Club Week Two)

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Valaquenta begins with a short summary of Ainulindalë. It then goes on to introduce the Lords and the Queens of the Valar, giving a bit of background information on each of them and explaining how they relate to one another. Next, we are introduced to the Maiair, spirits similar to the Valar but of a less degree. The last section is titled 'Of the Enemies' and explains a bit more about the cruelty of Melkor as well as introducing his servant Sauron. 

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Resources for this Chapter:

Discussion Questions:

  • What do you think about the way the Valar are paired up? Do their personalities and talents compliment one another?

  • Do you think it's important that Tolkien left Ulmo and Nienna to dwell alone? What is the significance of this? 

  • Which Valar do you identify with the most? Do you have any similar interests/talents?

  • Why is Sauron less evil than Melkor?

  • Reflecting on Tolkien's myth so far, what do you like about it? What feels familiar? What do you dislike?