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Our Blessed Brunch (& How to Host Your Own)

Our Blessed Brunch (& How to Host Your Own)


Last weekend, I hosted my very first Blessed Brunch! Blessed Brunches are such an easy and beautiful way to bring other Catholic women in my community together through Blessed is She, so I wanted to share a little bit about what ours looked like and ideas for how you can host your own! 

I find so much joy in planning parties and get-togethers so I probably went a little overboard with our brunch (not gonna lie though, it was awesome). The nice thing about Blessed Brunches is that they can be as small and laid-back, or as large and elaborate as you'd like!

Blessed is She will provide you with a printable hostess guide (which includes a suggested timeline, prayers, and discussion questions), but other than that it's really up to the hostess to decide how the brunch will flow and I really loved having that freedom in planning.  


A few fun things we did were... 

  • A Mimosa Bar! This was Lizzy's idea and it was the best. I bought two bottles of champagne and a few fancy bottles of juice (I went all out and got the good stuff from the local hippie grocery store), so we could create our own mimosas. It was so fun, especially considering most of us were moms who rarely find ourselves non-pregnant and able to drink alcohol haha 

  • Flower Crown Making! When I attended my first Blessed is She retreat in 2016, we were each given a flower crown to wear during the retreat -- and I still have mine today. It's something that feels kinda silly but also makes you feel like the most beautiful person ever, and what better time to be silly and beautiful than with a whole bunch of fellow Catholic ladies? I bought a bunch of silk flowers, wire, and floral tape, and we all stood around the table and made them together. It was also a great way to get to know each other (I loved seeing who chose which colors/styles of flowers and such). 
  • Photo Wall! My mom had given me a kit to make these tissue paper flowers a few weeks before the Brunch, so I found an empty wall and put them up to make a good photo backdrop for us. It was so fun! 
  • Baby Playdate! It was so fun to have so many little babies come to our brunch! 
  • Food! Arguably the most important part of brunch, after the mimosas, is the food. Everyone showed up with the most delicious dishes! We ended up having fruit salad, cinnamon rolls, breakfast casserole, quiche, sausage rolls, muffins, and the most crazy sounding but delicious pulled pork waffle tacos. I felt so incredibly hipster eating them (hahahaa). 

How to Host Your Own Blessed Brunch

To host a Blessed Brunch in your area, simply fill out this form on the Blessed is She site. Once your brunch is confirmed, they will post a sign-up link on their website and share the brunch information with other members of the Blessed is She community (particularly in the regional facebook groups). Guests can RSVP by filling out a form on the BIS site, and you'll receive an email each time someone new signs up! From there, you'll be able to contact them with all of the details for your brunch (specifically the address and directions). 

You'll also receive a printable hostess guide which includes a suggested schedule, prayers, and discussion questions. These are very helpful if you're maybe a little awkward like me and like to have a few aspects of the brunch planned out for you. You can host it at your own home or reserve your parish hall - whichever works for you! 


Thank you so much to everyone who came to our brunch! It was so nice to meet you all and spend the afternoon together. I can't wait to host another one. :) 

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