Hobbit Party Planning: Woodland Decor & Accents


This is a part of our Hobbit Celebration series, in which we're sharing inspiration and tips for hosting your own celebration of Bilbo + Frodo Baggins' birthdays on September the 22nd! I hope you'll enjoy these posts and much as I did writing them!  This post contains affiliate links. 

Our 6th annual Hobbit celebration is less than two months away and I'm getting quite excited as I begin planning and shopping a little bit. I wanted to share a few of the items I'm planning to purchase in case you were also planning a Hobbit celebration for this fall! As Hobbits have such a love for nature, our parties tend to lean towards a natural or woodland theme, with lots of green, orange, and brown. I also try to incorporate a lot of warm light (such as these twinkle lights or candles). Because little hobbits will also be invited to our party, I'm doing my best to avoid anything fragile (glass or dainty ceramics) or hazardous (such as tiny acorns or little bits of confetti that babies might choke on). 

I've also been saving inspirational photos to our pinterest board- here

You can also find photos from our past Hobbit parties over on our old site - here

We'll be sipping on Ent Draught through these birch paper straws & unwrapping Lembas from these sage green linen napkins, sitting at a woodland tablescape beneath a ceiling of twinkling lights and autumn leaves. So basically, it will be the greatest. ;) I also wanted to note that these mossy circles are placemats & this candle smells like the Shire! How perfect is that?!  I also have a few DIY plans that I'm hoping to share in the near future. Autumn is truly the most wonderful time of the year (sorry, all you other seasons), and I'm so thankful that we live in a world where Hobbits have birthdays and we get to celebrate them (even if they're not quite real, although I did find the History of Middle-Earth in the non-fiction section of the library once... so you never know...). 

Click through the photos for sources & happy Hobbit celebration planning!
May the hair on your toes never fall out ;)