The Two Towers: Helm's Deep & The Road to Isengard (Week 4)


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Chapters 7 & 8: Helm's Deep and The Road to Isengard

The Riders of Rohan journey to Helm’s Deep in anticipation of battle. On the way, Gandalf urges Théoden to continue on to Helm’s Deep but that he must leave them for a while. As the battle begins, they become surrounded by a vast sea of Orc soldiers and victory seems hopeless. 

In a desperate last defense, Théoden rides forth into battle. Suddenly, they are greatly relieved to see Gandalf appear on the horizon leading more men to their aid in battle. With Gandalf’s arrival, the battle is quickly won. 

After this victory, Gandalf, King Théoden, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and many of the Riders of Rohan journey to Isengard. They find it has been deeply industrialized yet is abandoned and damaged as if by some great storm.

As they near the gates, the men are again surprised to see something they’ve never witnessed before: hobbits! They are greeted by Merry and Pippin as they lazily sit
beside the gates enjoying a few ‘well-earned comforts’. The hobbits explain that Treebeard has taken up management of Isengard, and at this, Gandalf and Théoden leave to find him.


Quotes from these Chapters

  • "None knows what the new day shall bring him.” - Aragorn, Chapter 7
  • "'Help now to repair the evil in which you have joined,' said Erkenbrand; 'and afterwards you shall take an oath never again to pass the Fords of Isen in arms, nor to march with the enemies of Men; and then you shall go free back to your land. For you have been deluded by Saruman. Many of you have got death as the reward of your trust in him; but had you conquered, little better would your wages have been.' The men of Dunland were amazed; for Saruman had told them that the men of Rohan were cruel and burned their captives alive." - After the battle at Helm's Deep, the men of Rohan act charitable rather than cruel toward the hillmen who had been recruited by Saruman
  • "Here you find us sitting on a field of victory, amid the plunder of armies, and you wonder how we came by a few well-earned comforts!" - Pippin as he sits with Merry, guarding the gate of Isengard, Chapter 8

Artist Spotlights

I couldn't choose just one piece of artwork to feature this week, so here are a few of my favorites! I am in awe of the talent and skill that went into creating these pieces. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

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