The Two Towers: The White Rider & The King of the Golden Hall (Week 3)

Every Monday, our Facebook group has been discussing one or two chapters from The Lord of the Rings, and so I'm happy to be sharing a little bit of our conversation and reflections as we go! If you'd like to read along with us, join our Facebook group! Otherwise, leave your comments below and we can continue the discussion! We're currently reading through The Two Towers, the second part of The Lord of the Rings. 

The White Rider & The King of the Golden Hall

In this week's chapters, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are surprised to be met by Gandalf in the midst of Fangorn Forest. He is arisen, with a new authority and strength. With him, they journey to Rohan to meet with King Theoden. 

When they arrive, they are unwelcome and uneasy, finding Rohan much different than before. Theoden has lived long under the spells of Saruman through Wormtongue and upon realizing this, Gandalf quickly uses his strength to free him. As he awakens from the spells, Theoden is grieved to see the impacts Wormtongue's 'leechcraft'. However, Gandalf counsels him that rather than falling into despair, he should 'take courage'. After this, they prepare for battle. 

Favorite Quotes from these Chapters

  • "They all gazed at him. His hair was white as snow in the sunshine; and gleaming white was his robe; the eyes under his deep brows were bright, piercing as the rays of teh sun; power was in his hand. Between wonder, joy, and fear they stood and found no words to say." - upon seeing Gandalf the White, The White Rider

  • "Be merry! We meet again. At the turn of the tide. The great storm is coming, but the tide has turned." - Gandalf to Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas

  • "Not all is dark. Take courage... Too long have you sat in shadows and trusted of twisted tales and crooked promptings."  - Gandalf to Theoden, The King of the Golden Hall

  • "For behold! The storm comes, and now all friends should gather together, lest each singly be destroyed." - Gandalf to Theoden


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Book Club Musings

  • Gandalf resurrected as Gandalf the White calls to mind an image of Christ resurrected. Take some time to read the Luke 24:13-35 and John 20:11-18, reflecting on the similarities from Gandalf's appearance and Christ's to his disciples. What can you learn from these encounters? How can you be encouraged to seek and recognize Christ in your daily life?
  • Saruman works through Wormtongue to 'divide and conquer', just as Satan does. He poisoned Theoden's mind against Gandalf, seeing him as an enemy rather than a friend. However, Gandalf urges Theoden for all friends to stand together against the storm. How can you be intentional about standing together in the face of evil? 

Artwork Spotlight

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