The Two Towers: The Uruk-hai & Treebeard (Book Club Musings, Wk. 2)

Every Monday, our Facebook group has been discussing one or two chapters from The Lord of the Rings, and so I'm happy to be sharing a little bit of our conversation and reflections as we go! If you'd like to read along with us, join our Facebook group! Otherwise, leave your comments below and we can continue the discussion! We're currently reading through The Two Towers, the second part of The Lord of the Rings. 

The Uruk-hai & Treebeard

In these two chapters, we are reconnected with Merry and Pippin as they are being carried toward Isengard by the Orcs. While Pippin feels hopeless, he manages to drop his Elven brooch in a last effort to leave it as a sign to anyone who might be trying to rescue them. 

As the Orcs become distracted by battle, Merry and Pippin manage to escape -- only to find themselves lost in Fangorn Forest. There, they are met by Treebeard, an ent, and are taken into his care. He tells them about Saruman, and of the history of the forests, and he carries them along with him through the forest. After much discernment between the ents, they decide to march on Isengard. 


Book Club Musings

  • Do you ever feel hopeless or useless like Pippin did in the midst of the Uruk-hai? Reflect on these times and remember that you were created with a unique purpose and value...
  • Similarly, do you notice when people in your life drop hints in their despair (as Pippin did with his brooch)? How observant are you of your friends and family? Do you notice when they are crying out in hopelessness? What can you learn from Aragorn's vigilance in pursuit of his friends?
  • This description of Saruman stood out to me: "He has a mind of metal and wheels". Saruman seeks domination instead of cooperation or co-existence. Do you ever find yourself leaning towards a Saruman-like state of mind? 
  • My favorite quote from these chapters is from Treebeard: "Do not be hasty, that is my motto." How can you apply this mindset to your life?

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