Explore Indiana: Coxhall Gardens

Our family visited Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, Indiana, on a little adventure a couple of days ago. It was quite a drive from our little corner of Indiana but we had been wanting to explore different parts of this beautiful state, and I'm so glad we came across this park! It is one of the most beautiful parks I've been to, and the Children's Garden reminded me so much of a little hobitton. If you are ever in the area, I definitely recommend stopping by for a visit with your little ones. 

The whole park is over 100 acres and apparently it's a very popular venue for weddings and special events, but the kids loved the Children's Garden so much we didn't even get a chance to explore the rest of the park before dinner.  

Our favorites were the tunnels, which my daughter loved to pretend were home to trolls, and the slide which sat on a little hill. There was also  a whole miniature village, complete with a coffee shop which was obviously my favorite. The whole playground felt so much more natural than the traditional metal and plastic playgrounds at most parks, and it made the whole visit feel so magical. ✨