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Growing in Hobbit-ness & Holiness with Our LOTR Companion Journals

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Last April, as our book club was reading The Fellowship of the Ring and preparing to begin The Two Towers, I began writing a companion journal to accompany and enrich our discussion as we journeyed through Tolkien's world together. Since then, we've released a journal for The Two Towers as well as one for The Return of the King, and today we're finally launching the Pre-Sale of our Fellowship of the Ring Journal! (How awkward to have done things out of order, but now we're all good!)  


I'm expecting the journals to be shipping in late January or early February so please keep this timeline in mind if you decide to order. :)  

It's been such a blessing to write these journals and I'm so happy to finally be able to share the completed set with all of you! The purpose of these journals is to become a companion as you read through The Lord of the Rings, offering a place to keep notes or write down favorite quotes, but also to help you dig deeper into the themes and meanings of Tolkien's work.

I like to say they are meant to help you grow in hobbit-ness and holiness. 

Cover art for our journals by Jen Olson of  Fiore Design Studio

Cover art for our journals by Jen Olson of Fiore Design Studio

Each journal includes:
- a brief introduction to Tolkien
- a suggested twelve-week reading schedule
- "Wanderings & Ponderings" sections on important characters and elements of the story
- a two page spread for each chapter (although a few chapters have three pages!)
- beautiful cover art by Fiore Design Studio

For each chapter of The Lord of the Rings... 
- a brief summary
- lined space for note-taking
- blank space for lettering favorite quotes or doodling
- "On the Road" reflections and journaling prompts
- key quotes from the text, from Scripture, or from the Saints

Each journal is approx. 74 pages, printed in a half-letter size to make it the perfect size for carrying along with your book!


Emily of Reaching While Rooted reviewed our Two Towers journal, writing, 

"This reflection journal was a great way to bring some intention into reading The Two Towers: with a review for every chapter it reminds the reader to pause and absorb what Tolkien and our hobbit friends are trying to teach us about God and the journey we are all on. Each chapter review highlights key quotes from the text, joining critical plot moments with quotes from the Saints and scripture. This journal is not just surface deep either: the prompts in this journal pushes you to turn inward and confront your shortfalls and sins. I personally struggled with one of the questions from Book 3, Chapter 10: “Ask yourself, am I seeking control instead of cooperation?”  I have never had the idea presented to me in such a manner, and being a person who struggles with control I was knocked on my heels.

If you are looking for a great way to step up your reading, and really sink deeper into the richness that Middle Earth provides, I would recommend using this journal. It’s a beautiful tool for both the Tolkien scholar and the casual reader alike, and there is something for everyone." 

I was also interviewed on The Tolkien Road, my favorite Tolkien podcast, about the journal. You can give it a listen here


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